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ARE YOU WONDERING HOW TO ENCOURAGE GUEST ENGAGEMENT AND CREATE SPECIAL MEMORIES? What do you want to remember most and how do you want those memories to take shape? Here are a few ideas we've seen recently at weddings and events we've coordinated:

  1. Switch out a small notepad for the guest book and place them on the reception tables with pens. Place a sticker on the front to inform guests what you'd like them to do. One recent couple used the table number to represent the anniversary that they should read the messages, i.e. "Please leave a note for Sue and Jim to read on their 2nd anniversary."

  2. A Message in a Bottle is a space saving alternative to the guest book and/or a nice addition where small pre-cut papers are set out with a large bottle (think wine carafe style) and the notes are dropped in for the couple to read after their big day. Some couples ask for a certain number, i.e. "We'd like our guests to take a minute to fill out one or more notes so that by the end of the reception we have 30 days worth of messages."

  3. One decor theme that is currently popular is flowers, bee hives, bird cages and other natural elements. All of these can work as card receptacles or for notes as mentioned above.

  4. Online sites like Etsy have tons of makers who can create personalized items. We've seen lovely handmade wooden card boxes; large marbles in glass to share during the ceremony as a community wish offering; a wooden barrel-sized round with a ranch brand that substituted as a guest book; single sized bags of rose petals for throwing while the couple dances and/or departs after the ceremony, and that's just a start of the options. Consult Pinterest, Etsy, and your friends for more great ideas.

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