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BUDGETING 101 -- What is your MUST HAVE?

Here's the short version: decide on a budget, how much wiggle room it has, and then get pricing set up so you can make decisions. Vendors tend to book up early, advice givers suggest 1 year in advance to get THE vendor you want. If your time line is shorter, be prepared for alternate plans. Below is screenshot from the Brides website on general costs, where you put your emphasis matters, as you can see:


According to the Brides American Wedding Survey from 2018, the average wedding costs approximately $44,105 and has about 167 guests. (Note: Hiring a wedding planner? A day-of coordinator can charge $1,500 and up, while an event designer will cost around 10 percent of your budget.)

Use the handy guide below as a rough outline for spending breakdowns and adjust according to your priorities.

Budget Breakdown

  • Venue and Catering: 40 percent of your budget

  • Photography and Videography: 15 percent of your budget

  • Wedding Attire and Beauty: 5 percent of your budget

  • Music/Entertainment: 10 percent of your budget

  • Flowers: 10 percent of your budget

  • Favors and Gifts: 2 percent of your budget

  • Transportation: 3 percent of your budget

  • Stationery: 3 percent of your budget

  • Cake: 2 percent of your budget

  • Décor: 10 percent of your budget

Contact Pearl Events at or give us a call at 303 949 7909 and leave a detailed message. We'd love to talk with you and help you make YOUR DAY/YOUR WAY!

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