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Considering a DIY Event? What's your motivation?

At Pearl Events we love DIY and we have a healthy respect for the time:money continuum. We are "creatives" which means we find great joy in designing decor, arranging flowers, touching and finding uses for every kind of textile, and oh so much more. We also understand that the realm of DIY is not comfortable for other folks and therein lies the gist of this conversation: Is DIY something you WANT to do, KNOW how to do and you FEEL EXCITED about? What about the amount of time you have to spend on the DIY elements? Have you planned time to create items and perhaps tried a practice piece to see how time consuming it might be? Then there's cost. It is not always less expensive to make it yourself, as a matter of fact we have found several types of products that cost far less to buy from online sites that specialize in event supplies.

Moving on from the "making" aspect to the planning and coordinating, again the time:money continuum is the primary concern. And again, it is not necessarily less expensive to do all the footwork and attending to details that a planner is trained to do. Ask yourself how much your time is worth, do you need assistance for any level of your event? And not to be forgotten, what about your emotional health bank, does DIY fill it up or withdraw large amounts? We're here to help at any level you need -- don't hesitate to ask for our free 30 minute consultation!

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