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HAVE YOU BEEN WONDERING WHAT EXACTLY CONSULTATION includes? This is a great opening question to ask a wedding planner, "when you say consultation, what does that mean and what kind of information is exchanged?" We, at Pearl Events Colorado will be straight forward with you, as any skilled planner/coordinator will be, in that we describe the content of the conversation and what we can offer based on what we learn from you about your vision and hopes. We will begin with asking about dates, number of guests, special traditions, catering, cakes, flowers, photography, budget, types of vendors and site desired, expectations for day-of coordination and any assistance with decorating and guest services, how far you've gotten in planning thus far and how we can help. Ongoing consultation takes place as we support you in decision-making, sometimes we help with research, and if you book us with always offer decision tools, timelines and preferred vendor lists. Depending on the amount of detail in the first conversation we may be able to give you a price, or at least a good idea of the cost of our services, HOWEVER, we prefer to provide you a detailed estimate so that you can add/subtract/refine any of the services and expectations. We emphasize clarity and transparency in our conversations because those two elements are part of our most basic tenets -- we want to be clear on your needs and how we can help create YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY!

Similarly, ask the same type of questions of any vendor. If they are not willing to provide information on their services and some kind of ballpark pricing, move on. If they don't ask you about your vision, they are not likely to tailor to your needs. If they don't offer various methods of contact (email/phone/text/Zoom, etc.) then they don't seem to have a desire to connect with you. PEARL EVENTS wants to know all the details and assist you in making decisions across the difficulty and creativity continuum. We are here for you. Keri's cell: 303 949 7909 Feel free to text.

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