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Feeling Overwhelmed with Details and Decisions?

So many details, so many decisions -- where to start? You want your day to be perfect and you might be feeling overwhelmed with decision-making, as it turns out, that is a normal reaction to such an emotional time. We want your day to be amazing, too, and we are here to help. Below is a sample of the hints and guidance we offer when we work with you:

  1. First, it will all work out.

  2. Make the big decisions as early as possible -- date; venue; caterer; etc.

  3. Collect pictures from various sources and create a vision board that you can update and refine as your preferences become clearer.

  4. Make a note about decisions that are causing you the most stress or perhaps conflict with others and put those issues in a temporary "parking lot" to be returned to when you can sort the issues within the issues.

AND that's where we come in with our unique set of skills and tools to assist you with all the decisions, prioritizing, refining and letting go where it seems to be the best plan of action. We've got you, and we're here to support you on every step to create YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY.

We'd love to chat with you, contact us at and/or text/call 303 949 7909

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