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HAVE YOU started your search for a venue yet? Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Venues have expanded as creative options have become more popular.

THE FIRST step is being very aware of your budget and any limitations. Couples may absolutely love a space and then realize after they review the requirements regarding additional fees that they are doubling the cost they had in their budget. AFTER you have a clear figure and understand any wiggle room your budget allows, go forth and search for settings. THE REAL FUN begins in this phase when you envision your big day at specific site. Run through the details in your mind of the arrival, ceremony, reception and send off -- will this site offer all that you want? You may have more than one site, that is quite common, be sure to plan transportation logistics to and from multiple sites. FEELING EXCITED YET UNSURE? We have an ever expanding list of venues that cover a wide variety of amenities and price ranges. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about venue selection at or by phone/text at 303 949 7909.

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