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Fun Alternative or Addition to Cocktail Hour

HAVE YOU BEEN WONDERING HOW to engage your guests during the potentially awkward transition between the ceremony and dinner? Or perhaps you are searching for an alternative to the bar and "down time." This is often a challenge, people may become a little anxious about what is to happen next and may feel ready to get into the next section of the event. While you may feel they are old fashioned, a program is really helpful, you can post it on a large information board so that your guests can feel informed.

YET, we are heading toward another idea: What about games? That's right, how about asking your coordinator to lead some easy to follow games and have an assigned photographer/guest capture them in video and in pics you can post and relive for as long as you like. Your guests will be engaged in an activity, the time will fly by and guests who may not know each other will share a laugh or two before the more structured events and dining resume focus.

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