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Have You Considered a Micro-wedding?

There are endless options to Your Day, Your Way -- We've taken note of an uptick of micro-weddings (under 45 guests) and elopements. You don't have to be limited to rules for either type of these smaller weddings and it may be easier on lots of levels to plan your big day with fewer logistical considerations. Is planning a big event feeling really stressful for you? Remember, hiring a planner/coordinator can ease the stress of any size wedding or event. Next, would you love to be able to talk with EVERYONE on your big day, then consider a micro-wedding to make it a more intimate event.

Thinking about a planned elopement? We can support you with your planning and day-of coordination. There are many, many options for location and celebration when the wedding party is the size of a family and friends dinner party.

We offer specialized packages for these smaller weddings and we have a very helpful checklist to get you started when you engage us as your coordinators. Give us a call or email today, we'd love to talk with you about your wedding! 303 949 7909

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