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Pro Tip: Your shoes should love you, too.

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Have you found THE shoes you want to wear for your event? You may love how they look, but how do they feel on every kind of surface you might encounter on your big day? Blisters? Squished toes? We don't want you to feel anything but FABULOUS and to make that happen we offer this set of tips:

1. If you purchase new shoes, break them in. For the love of all that is important, Break. Them. In.

2. Have more than one pair of shoes for different times of day: relaxing before the event; photos; ceremony; dancing; 3 hours into dancing... you get the picture. Shoes have "hot spots," avoid them by switching out. And the bonus, you get to wear lots of different shoes!

3. It's way okay to wear shoes you already own, spend your shoe money on something else you love. Just give your shoes a bit of a buff and you are ready to go.

4. Try dance shoes from a dance academy -- they are made for movement.

5. Let your shoes love you as much as you love them. It's better for everyone.

Side Note: If you plan to wear several pairs of shoes, make sure the hem of whatever you are wearing works with all the shoes, you don't want to step on your party clothes.

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