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With changes taking place daily in response to COVID-19 we've heard from couples and others who are planning events this spring. The title of this post covers our general philosophy, RESPOND RATHER THAN REACT. For those whose events are being impacted by travel options, venue closings and social distancing suggestions, we have great empathy for you and the range of feelings you may be experiencing.

First, list what hasn't changed and is unlikely to change, that way you have a foundation to work from. Next, create a response process: look at options you may have considered when you first started planning your event and highlight the elements that could still work in light of the newly formed challenges. Give yourselves space to feel your feelings, journal those feelings to see what themes come out -- through that process you will find where your priorities sit -- especially if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Accepting change can be difficult. Journal what it is about the change that is causing you pain, fear, anger, confusion, and loss. This might take a while to journal, it's worth it to get those feelings out so you can examine them and look for themes that will guide your next level of decisions. Talking with your support network can help you identify options and provide comfort while you process changes to your plans. If you are feeling especially upset and overwhelmed you might check in with a therapist to talk things through -- it's really quite normal to see a therapist during times like these.

If you decide rescheduling your event is your best option you may need assistance with the logistics, hiring a planner is a great option to take on the amount of work a rescheduled event could require. You can still have YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY, it just may take some adapting and agility.

Being in "response mode" is something we're highly trained in at Pearl Events. Our professional history and experience in fields outside of event planning has given us a solid foundation in on-the-ground decision-making and keeping the momentum moving in the face of challenges outside of our control.

We're asking you to take a moment for yourself, take a long breath (or 10), and allow yourself the space to experience calm in the face of challenges. By giving yourself some space you create opportunity to see more options you may not have considered. We are here to provide various levels of support, contact us for a free 30 minute consultation. Here are our phone numbers for immediate contact:

303 949 7909 720 979 6863 and we always welcome email at

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