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Take This Short Wedding Planning Quiz

WE ARE OFTEN ASKED why it is recommended that couples plan their magical day a year in advance. Below are some possible answers, select the ones you think fit:

  1. Because it's fun to have a "long engagement"

  2. Because all the best venues are booked a year or more in advance

  3. Because bands need time to learn your play list for the reception

  4. Because you want to see all the seasons of your dream location before you select a date

  5. Because there are on average 120 decisions to make and you want to be intentional with your planning

WE'LL BET YOU ARE THINKING "HEY, THERE'S SOME TRUTH IN ALL OF THOSE..." and you'd be correct. Maybe not so much on the play list, but it could be a thing.

ANOTHER QUESTION we're asked regularly is "What are the benefits of a wedding/event planner?" Naturally we are going to recommend our services, we are here to help you with those 120plus questions, discover clarity when you are in the decision-making process, and support you through your planning journey into your your wedding day. Our motto is YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY and we live it with each couple and family with whom we work. Contact us today to get your plan in motion! 303 949 7909 or 720 979 6863

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