Wedding cakes are beautiful and truly a statement piece. Have you noticed the trend lately toward cupcakes and a very small top cake, or very large cupcake as the case may be, for the "cutting cake" that the couple shares? Lots of pros, not many cons if you go with cupcakes except you won't have the tower of cake that may have always been your dream. Pie is now popular for more than picnics and we looooooooove pie, we'd guess your guests might love it, too. And then there is the candy buffet -- this can be less expensive if you are trying to save money, but don't count on it if your tastes run in the fancy truffle category. Our advice on this, do what goes well with the theme and food service -- you can't go wrong by "curating" your dessert in this manner. If you just have to have the chocolate fountain, have it! One more thought on this, think about left-overs, what will you do with all of that _________ (fill in the blank). Cookies are mobile. Just sayin'.

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