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The New Awkward Topic: Masks (Updated May 5, 2021)

Updated: May 5, 2021

What to wear to the wedding has typically been a fun conversation for family, friends, and guests. Now, however, the pandemic has tossed another item into the ring: the face mask. We first published this topic in our blog in January, 2021. Since then the tilt-o-whirl of do's and don'ts has been spinning. We support healthy practices, what that means to you and your guests is likely to be a huge, mixed bag of opinions and behavior. Our best suggestion is to be aware of the varied wants and needs of those in attendance to honor healthy choices. Check out the local policies of your venue (some are county, some are city) and make your decisions accordingly.

Local policies are ever changing, here's a short list of what to know and how to navigate the mask topic--

  1. Ask yourselves how you really, honestly feel about health and the safety of everyone in attendance. Yes, you can wear masks and even make them fanciful or themed for the event, why not roll with it?

  2. You can remove masks for photos, think about who you want in the pics and how you can set them up to be safer.

  3. Vendors may request to wear masks, please allow them to do so.

  4. Perhaps you could think of masks as the new fascinator or pocket square.

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