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Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We love upcycling and have made many decorative pieces for events that are 20% of the cost of new. We can advise on, teach you, and even create upcycled decorative elements for YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY! Here are some examples to think about that save you money, provide an opportunity for you to create something that plays a role in your big day, and you can give away as gifts or keep for use for years and years:

1: Florals can be fresh or silk and arranged in vessels you pick up at charity thrift stores

2. Yes, you can make your own bouquet, lots of great and simple designs exist that then can be used as table decor after the ceremony

3. Use table cloths of the same color and intensity found in charity thrift stores -- an iron and coordinated place settings do wonders to pull it all together. Shabby Chic is only one example, you CAN be simply chic with the right combination

4. Buy or rent a gown? Options exist. The Altar is one of our favorite gently used gown stores. They have not-yet-worn items as well. Renting, also an option and cost effective. Party dresses work great as "gowns" too. Want to wear that dress again, go with the party option or buy one you can have adjusted to fit other event needs. FUN ALERT: before you have your gown adjusted throw a gown luncheon where you and your friends wear your dresses before they become a new creation.

5. What about left-over food? Most caterers will pack up the food at the end of the event for you to take home. Check out your local food banks, they might come and pick it up. There's an award winning company in Denver called We Don't Waste, they could be an excellent option for you

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