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Why Adding a Personal Planner is a Great Idea

Many venues offer event planning services and those services are exceptionally helpful with regard to all things venue related. Yet, there is more. By adding a day-of personal planner you have a professional who will communicate your expectations, needs and any unforeseen changes with the staff which gives you the space to feel amazing all day long. Here are just five tasks the day-of planner covered recently between two events: coordinated moving the bar from downstairs to upstairs as the bride wished; set up 146 tiny floral cups at place settings; placed the directional signs, balloons and outdoor floral stands leading to the event; found every person who was to wear flowers when the list of who was to wear flowers went missing; and, 90 minutes prior to the event, contacted and secured transportation when a ride-share company would not travel to a semi-rural location. Ensuring the details get done is what we do, contact us today!

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