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WHY Touring Your Site BEFORE Your Big Day is a MUST DO

You have selected your venue and you're feeling "all set." But, are you? Did you tour your venue in the same season or time of day as your wedding or event? Have you asked about landscaping that the venue provides as their usual or seasonal decor? Does your site provide stakes or other supports for florals? What will the venue allow for decorations? Is there a set up and clean up crew on-site -- fees for this service?

Notice the surroundings of your site, if you see empty flower pots ask what will be in them, perhaps you can use them for your own colors. If you see what appears to be abandoned gardens or trash blowing in from the street, ask who will take care of that on the day of your event. You may be surprised to hear that there is no plan to "tidy up" the space for your event.

Save yourself disappointment by becoming informed months before your wedding so that you can plan ahead for these potential pitfalls to the beauty of your site.

At Pearl Events we want you to have YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY as much as you do -- we help with myriad planning topics. 303.949.7909

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