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Winter and Cool Weather Pro-Tips

Updated: Jan 29

WE'RE FEELING THE NEED FOR REAL TALK this week after winter temps of 9 degrees and more of the same forecast this month. It's cold outside. It's cold for the guests. It's cold for the staff. And while you may not want to admit it, it's cold for the wedding party and the couple, too. Some things to consider for your cold weather wedding:

  1. How will my photos look if I am freezing?

  2. Can my wedding party withstand the temps in their attire?

  3. What about the littles, will they hold still for pics in the cold?

  4. How comfy will my family members be, especially those who are from warmer climates or older folks who may not navigate great in the snow or cold?

  5. Do my shoes really say "stand in the snow, it will be fine"?

  6. Is there a Plan B if it's snowing so hard the photographer can't find you?

  7. What will driving be like?

YES, YOU CAN HAVE AN AMAZING WINTER WEDDING! Here are some pro-tips to make the best of the concerns listed above:

  1. Plan out your photo spots in advance, if you feel absolutely positively no negotiations will happen about a setting, prep it in advance so you can get to it, get the photos taken and get back to warmth of the indoor/tented/heated setting. Perhaps this is one you do before the ceremony so that the hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold trips are kept to a minimum.

  2. There are beautiful winter gowns, party dresses, suits, etc. with tons of "warming" options like stoles, pashminas, vests and jackets, closed toe shoes or boots. Think couture outside of the traditional dresses and you can find an amazing assortment that keeps people comfy and smiling. We love the faux fur look with gowns and recently we saw people sporting tights under long dresses with boots.

  3. Guests take their cue on attire from your description of the wedding, i.e. semi-formal, cocktail, Colorado Casual, etc. Be specific and be helpful, share thoughts on temperatures and plans to keep guests comfortable.

  4. Often couples don't think about safety as a "thing." As planners we ask about mobility in our first call to help plan for venue access. Potential snowy steps, blustery weather and the time spent in the outdoors are concerns for many people. Be kind to your guests, ask yourselves what you want them to experience since this adds to their overall memory of your big day.

  5. Having quite recently observed several people slide about on a snowy deck we highly recommend several pairs of shoes if you really want to be outdoors and indoors. Make it fun, wear grippy bottomed boots outdoors and change back to those sparkling sandals afterward. This option could be part of your wedding party guest package, or perhaps some great wool sox...

  6. Sun, snow, rain, sleet, hail, 60mph gusts of wind -- they can all happen in the high country on any given day of the year. Being weather aware is important for everyone's health and well-being. As planners we bring items to assist (umbrellas, towels, whatever else we can think of that day) yet your level of preparedness will greatly enhance your experience and reduce your anxious feelings.

  7. While you might be skilled at winter driving, your guests might not be willing to tackle it. Will you have a shuttle? Are you close to main thoroughfares? Perhaps the wedding and reception could be at a lodge where everyone is staying. Winter and cold weather make these considerations juuuuuuust that much more important.

Use these fun ideas as starters to create comfort, safety and total enjoyment on your big day--

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