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  • Winter and Cool Weather Pro-Tips

    WE'RE FEELING THE NEED FOR REAL TALK this week after winter temps of 9 degrees and more of the same forecast this month. It's cold outside. It's cold for the guests. It's cold for the staff. And while you may not want to admit it, it's cold for the wedding party and the couple, too. Some things to consider for your cold weather wedding: How will my photos look if I am freezing? Can my wedding party withstand the temps in their attire? What about the littles, will they hold still for pics in the cold? How comfy will my family members be, especially those who are from warmer climates or older folks who may not navigate great in the snow or cold? Do my shoes really say "stand in the snow, it will be fine"? Is there a Plan B if it's snowing so hard the photographer can't find you? What will driving be like? YES, YOU CAN HAVE AN AMAZING WINTER WEDDING! Here are some pro-tips to make the best of the concerns listed above: Plan out your photo spots in advance, if you feel absolutely positively no negotiations will happen about a setting, prep it in advance so you can get to it, get the photos taken and get back to warmth of the indoor/tented/heated setting. Perhaps this is one you do before the ceremony so that the hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold trips are kept to a minimum. There are beautiful winter gowns, party dresses, suits, etc. with tons of "warming" options like stoles, pashminas, vests and jackets, closed toe shoes or boots. Think couture outside of the traditional dresses and you can find an amazing assortment that keeps people comfy and smiling. We love the faux fur look with gowns and recently we saw people sporting tights under long dresses with boots. Guests take their cue on attire from your description of the wedding, i.e. semi-formal, cocktail, Colorado Casual, etc. Be specific and be helpful, share thoughts on temperatures and plans to keep guests comfortable. Often couples don't think about safety as a "thing." As planners we ask about mobility in our first call to help plan for venue access. Potential snowy steps, blustery weather and the time spent in the outdoors are concerns for many people. Be kind to your guests, ask yourselves what you want them to experience since this adds to their overall memory of your big day. Having quite recently observed several people slide about on a snowy deck we highly recommend several pairs of shoes if you really want to be outdoors and indoors. Make it fun, wear grippy bottomed boots outdoors and change back to those sparkling sandals afterward. This option could be part of your wedding party guest package, or perhaps some great wool sox... Sun, snow, rain, sleet, hail, 60mph gusts of wind -- they can all happen in the high country on any given day of the year. Being weather aware is important for everyone's health and well-being. As planners we bring items to assist (umbrellas, towels, whatever else we can think of that day) yet your level of preparedness will greatly enhance your experience and reduce your anxious feelings. While you might be skilled at winter driving, your guests might not be willing to tackle it. Will you have a shuttle? Are you close to main thoroughfares? Perhaps the wedding and reception could be at a lodge where everyone is staying. Winter and cold weather make these considerations juuuuuuust that much more important. Use these fun ideas as starters to create comfort, safety and total enjoyment on your big day--

  • Have You Heard of Viva Magenta Yet?

    The Pantone Color of the Year is Viva Magenta and it is a wonderful color for weddings and celebrations. We have lots of ideas about adding pops of color to your wedding decor to make it fabulous without it being "extra." You know what we mean. Here's a shot where a couple used Viva Magenta to make the dessert table stand out -- of course you can do this with any color! At Pearl Events we'd love to assist you with color coordination, texture, style and placement of decor to bring your vision to reality!

  • Take This Short Wedding Planning Quiz

    WE ARE OFTEN ASKED why it is recommended that couples plan their magical day a year in advance. Below are some possible answers, select the ones you think fit: Because it's fun to have a "long engagement" Because all the best venues are booked a year or more in advance Because bands need time to learn your play list for the reception Because you want to see all the seasons of your dream location before you select a date Because there are on average 120 decisions to make and you want to be intentional with your planning WE'LL BET YOU ARE THINKING "HEY, THERE'S SOME TRUTH IN ALL OF THOSE..." and you'd be correct. Maybe not so much on the play list, but it could be a thing. ANOTHER QUESTION we're asked regularly is "What are the benefits of a wedding/event planner?" Naturally we are going to recommend our services, we are here to help you with those 120plus questions, discover clarity when you are in the decision-making process, and support you through your planning journey into your your wedding day. Our motto is YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY and we live it with each couple and family with whom we work. Contact us today to get your plan in motion! 303 949 7909 or 720 979 6863


    A winter wedding can be a beautiful adventure in Colorado and we have some important information for planning your big day. Let's start with a few basics: Winter is a very busy tourist time in the High Country. You will be competing with skier traffic every day -- the weekends often require double the drive time than weekdays. Mileage does not equal drive time especially in the winter, mountain roadways can be tricky, snow tires are just one "really should have" on the list. If you live in an area that doesn't see much snow or ice also consider your guests' driving comfort in these conditions. A limo or shuttle service might be a great option for you. Winter is a prime/high season in the mountains, pricing will be reflected in lodging as well as availability for all services. If it's a winter wedding that will make your vision come true, planning well in advance is a great approach. Wedding attire can be edited to showcase amazing winter styles including coats, shawls, tall boots and more. We encourage you to give serious consideration to your warmth and comfort, we've seen far too many couples and their families shaking in the cold. Denver is the "Mile High City" at 5,280 feet -- mountain towns start at 6,000 and go up to 12,000 feet in elevation for mountainside wedding chapels. It's best to plan a day or two in Denver's lower elevation before heading up to the mountains. Consider staying lower if you or your guests have COPD or other breathing related issues. South on the map does not necessarily mean lower elevation: Colorado Springs is at 5,994; Durango is 6,522. Some unique guest experiences during winter include sleigh rides at the resorts, snowshoeing excursions and full moon hikes, dog sled rides, skiing and tubing just to name a few. Check with the resorts for local special events. Of course, we have a curated vendor list and would love to assist you with your winter wedding. Contact Pearl Events Colorado for YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY planning services. 303/949 7909 720/979 6863


    YOU HAVE A BUDGET, HOW DO YOU MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR PLANNING INVESTMENT? Wedding planners and coordinators are one group of service providers who might offer you percentage pricing versus set fee and/or hourly rates. Here's the short description of each and the advantages you could see -- ALWAYS ASK WHAT SERVICES ARE INCLUDED with any vendor and read your contracts thoroughly. Percentage pricing is commonly offered for "full service" packages and are based on the overall cost of your wedding. If a percentage model is offered, ask the vendor what percentage they typically work from and calculate the cost of the services along with the listed services so that you can decide if this pricing works for you. Here's a little known hint: wedding planning fees typically run somewhere between 8-15% of your total wedding budget regardless of the model. Set-fee is also common, that is, you may see "Package fee XYZ is $2,500." Ask yourself if you know what is included in this package and if you will need add-ons. If a planner states, "Packages begin at..." then you know that the vendor has planned for a set group of services at a specific level and expects to add to that to meet your needs. Hourly rates and a la carte menu options are typically used to tailor packages, however, some vendors use this model as their primary price offering. Be sure you are getting everything you need when you opt for this model, it's easy to miss services if you haven't created a very detailed list in advance. AT PEARL EVENTS COLORADO we assist you with all the financial decisions necessary to bring your vision to reality within your budget. Contact us today at 303 949 7909

  • Colorado Fall Weddings

    DID YOU KNOW that "wedding season" in Colorado is almost all year long? Fall is a beautiful time for weddings and we'd like to share some photos and some pro-tips-- It's your big day, use the natural beauty as a backdrop and theme, fall florals are plentiful and there's a wide array of wedding party options, as well. Have a back-up plan if any part of your wedding or reception is to be held outdoors. Have fun with attire, you will likely have a wide range of temperatures across the day--layering can be a great way to have several fashion options and stay comfortable around the clock. These three hints are just half-a-thimble full of what we offer as planners, contact us today to discuss your vision and hopes for your amazing wedding or event. 303 949 7909


    WE SHOULD START WITH, WE ARE ALWAYS READY-- and yet there is more to this story. We are ready to answer your questions on where to start planning your amazing day. We are ready to create timelines and set goals that reflect YOUR vision. We are ready to walk alongside you as you create the elements of your ceremony and reception, we are ready to collaborate with you to make YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY a reality. We have amazing vendor lists, experience at multiple venues and our commitment to you is unparalleled. Contact Pearl Events Colorado today -- Booking 2023 and 2024 dates now.

  • Bring Those Who Can't Be There Down The Aisle With You

    PEARL EVENTS COLORADO recently planned and coordinated a lovely wedding where several family members, for various reasons, could not be present. The bride attached a charm of her father to her bouquet so that he would be there as she walked down the aisle with her mother. What a wonderful option for all to experience. Charms are inexpensive and can be included as one or more on the stem of a bridal bouquet, on a pocket chain, on a boutonniere, etc. Below is an image of several charms on the bouquet stem. Contact us for more great personalized ideas for Your Day, Your Way.

  • What are A la Carte Services?

    WE STRIVE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS and one way we've found to do that is to offer a la carte services. You have several options in selecting packages, in addition to that we also offer "decor only" when you have a venue team in place yet you need designers to come in and decorate. Additionally, we offer floral design for your tables and backdrop -- we'll create the design with you, deliver it and set it up. We have also discovered that offering officiating services has become a wonderful way to connect with couples to an even deeper degree. Our planning style is unique and the relationship we build with couples has brought mutual enjoyment and satisfaction, there are times when our team is a great option for your officiant choice. Call/text or email us for more information: 303 949 7909/720 979 6863


    We are acutely aware that vendor fit matters. What do we mean by "fit"? Think about a time when you felt really connected with a sales person or service provider -- remember how you felt heard, respected, in-tune between your desire for a product and the willingness of the provider to match your request? That's generally considered fit. We are planners/coordinators/listeners/designers/logisticians/stress reducers and fit searchers. What this means for you is that we listen to you and work diligently to find the right fit in all the vendors you need for your wedding or event. We supply vendor lists, we can curate a limited list for your selection and we'll do the research for specific needs. That's just the beginning of a great relationship with Pearl Events Colorado. We live our motto, "YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY" through intentionality, inclusivity and accessibility.


    PEARL EVENTS COLORADO recently planned with and provided day-of services for a lovely couple whose budget was impacted by unforeseen events. They had to make hard decisions on where to spend their budgeted funds and what to cut back, and even remove from their ceremony and reception. They selected a venue that was perfect for "one stop" events -- both the ceremony and the reception were held at a Victorian home with gardens and a large front porch. Parking was plentiful and vendors had easy access for deliveries. That big decision was crossed off the list. The location required full on DIY however, which meant everything had to be rented or created and brought in to the site. A VERY IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION IS THE TIME VS. MONEY VS. CAPACITY TRIANGLE -- is it possible to affordably rent items (chairs, tables, linens and serviceware) as well as make the decorations and have self-service food and beverage? Our job as planners is to help couples answer these questions for all budget considerations, and especially when circumstances require significant changes from the original plan. WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE TO GUIDE AND SUPPORT YOU AS YOU CREATE YOUR WEDDING OR SPECIAL EVENT THAT IS TRULY YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY!


    ARE YOU WONDERING HOW TO ENCOURAGE GUEST ENGAGEMENT AND CREATE SPECIAL MEMORIES? What do you want to remember most and how do you want those memories to take shape? Here are a few ideas we've seen recently at weddings and events we've coordinated: Switch out a small notepad for the guest book and place them on the reception tables with pens. Place a sticker on the front to inform guests what you'd like them to do. One recent couple used the table number to represent the anniversary that they should read the messages, i.e. "Please leave a note for Sue and Jim to read on their 2nd anniversary." A Message in a Bottle is a space saving alternative to the guest book and/or a nice addition where small pre-cut papers are set out with a large bottle (think wine carafe style) and the notes are dropped in for the couple to read after their big day. Some couples ask for a certain number, i.e. "We'd like our guests to take a minute to fill out one or more notes so that by the end of the reception we have 30 days worth of messages." One decor theme that is currently popular is flowers, bee hives, bird cages and other natural elements. All of these can work as card receptacles or for notes as mentioned above. Online sites like Etsy have tons of makers who can create personalized items. We've seen lovely handmade wooden card boxes; large marbles in glass to share during the ceremony as a community wish offering; a wooden barrel-sized round with a ranch brand that substituted as a guest book; single sized bags of rose petals for throwing while the couple dances and/or departs after the ceremony, and that's just a start of the options. Consult Pinterest, Etsy, and your friends for more great ideas.

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