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  • Have You Considered a Micro-wedding?

    There are endless options to Your Day, Your Way -- We've taken note of an uptick of micro-weddings (under 45 guests) and elopements. You don't have to be limited to rules for either type of these smaller weddings and it may be easier on lots of levels to plan your big day with fewer logistical considerations. Is planning a big event feeling really stressful for you? Remember, hiring a planner/coordinator can ease the stress of any size wedding or event. Next, would you love to be able to talk with EVERYONE on your big day, then consider a micro-wedding to make it a more intimate event. Thinking about a planned elopement? We can support you with your planning and day-of coordination. There are many, many options for location and celebration when the wedding party is the size of a family and friends dinner party. We offer specialized packages for these smaller weddings and we have a very helpful checklist to get you started when you engage us as your coordinators. Give us a call or email today, we'd love to talk with you about your wedding! 303 949 7909

  • Wedding & Event Etiquette Tips: Volume 1

    There are a lot of questions to be answered in this domain... And so, we are starting with one for the couple regarding vendors, and one for anyone who might use a napkin when dining. QUESTION: Why would a vendor ask for a meal or snack to be provided during my reception an event? RESPONSE: The short answer is the human body needs fuel. Check your contract to see what a vendor is requesting in terms of food and water during your event. Vendors are working the entire time they are on-site, providing water and food keeps energy levels high and quality of services won't suffer because of tired staff. Vendors do not expect a $75 per plate meal, often times the caterer can prepare "vendor snacks" so that your photographer, coordinator, DJ, and others may grab a bite here and there and keep running to make your day the best it can be. You could even prepare a vendor snack plate or box and alert those working for your where the food is located. 2. QUESTION: How exactly am I to place my napkin when I am going to the buffet or leaving the table and plan to return? RESPONSE: This is one of the most common questions that goes unasked and guests find themselves secretly looking to other guests for guidance. We've attached a blog link below, yet here's the short version: If you are returning, place your napkin neatly on your chair seat and slide in the chair. If you have finished your meal, place your napkin neatly to the left of your plate. Boom! No more secret glances.


    We hold as a founding principle transparency in pricing and clarity of service offerings. We provide information on expectations when we begin any consultation. You might be surprised at all the tasks that go into your big day -- we assist you in getting those tasks not only identified, but DONE! We jump in where help is needed, here's a pic of Leah from a wedding on June 5th, 2021.

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    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Pearl Events Your Day, Your Success with Pearl SERVING DENVER & COLORADO DESTINATIONS SERVICES Your Day, Your Success with Pearl DISCOVER THREE LEVELS OF SERVICES TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation At Pearl Events we support you in your decision-making so you can relax and revel in your planning process. GALLERY Unforgettable Memories

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    Book a Consultation WEDDINGS Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation. PEARL CLARITY CONSULTATION Our unique consultation and decision-making model provides guidance, support and clarity. Your success comes through confidence to make your day the wedding of your dreams. Click On Our Blog (under the More tab) for Pro Tips and so much more! PEARL ACTION PACKAGE Building on the decisions you’ve made through Clarity we provide guidance and resource considerations for vendor contracts and a deep dive into logistics. The usual 80-plus decisions for an event may easily morph into an additional 40 or more at this point, we are experts at moving through those decisions with you to reduce stress and provide the peace of mind that comes with decisional confidence. PEARL TAILORED RESPONSE & SUPPORT PACKAGE Success of your wedding depends on oversight of the multiple moving parts from the very beginning until the last glass is washed. We’ve found many brides, couples, family members and friends planning an event need support in one or a few life areas. Our tailored response and support package is an a la carte model where you identify the area of need and we respond with our decision-support tools. We provide rapid response options and day-of-event services with this package. PRIVATE PARTIES & EVENTS RELIGIOUS EVENTS Your event is deeply meaningful to you and your guests. With Pearl Events you may select from Clarity, Action, and Tailored Response/Support to gain confidence that your event will reflect your beliefs and provide life-long memories. BIRTHDAYS Make any birthday a celebration to remember! Whether you are planning an event for yourself, family member or other special being in your life, the three service levels offered by Pearl Events will surely assist you in making clear, meaningful decisions. SPECIAL OCCASIONS Time to Celebrate!! There's no other service provider that assists you in the manner Pearl Events can with your 80-plus decisions. Our unique tools help move you through the process with confidence. Replace your stress with peace of mind with Pearl Events.

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