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    A winter wedding can be a beautiful adventure in Colorado and we have some important information for planning your big day. Let's start with a few basics: Winter is a very busy tourist time in the High Country. You will be competing with skier traffic every day -- the weekends often require double the drive time than weekdays. Mileage does not equal drive time especially in the winter, mountain roadways can be tricky, snow tires are just one "really should have" on the list. If you live in an area that doesn't see much snow or ice also consider your guests' driving comfort in these conditions. A limo or shuttle service might be a great option for you. Winter is a prime/high season in the mountains, pricing will be reflected in lodging as well as availability for all services. If it's a winter wedding that will make your vision come true, planning well in advance is a great approach. Wedding attire can be edited to showcase amazing winter styles including coats, shawls, tall boots and more. We encourage you to give serious consideration to your warmth and comfort, we've seen far too many couples and their families shaking in the cold. Denver is the "Mile High City" at 5,280 feet -- mountain towns start at 6,000 and go up to 12,000 feet in elevation for mountainside wedding chapels. It's best to plan a day or two in Denver's lower elevation before heading up to the mountains. Consider staying lower if you or your guests have COPD or other breathing related issues. South on the map does not necessarily mean lower elevation: Colorado Springs is at 5,994; Durango is 6,522. Some unique guest experiences during winter include sleigh rides at the resorts, snowshoeing excursions and full moon hikes, dog sled rides, skiing and tubing just to name a few. Check with the resorts for local special events. Of course, we have a curated vendor list and would love to assist you with your winter wedding. Contact Pearl Events Colorado for YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY planning services. 303/949 7909 720/979 6863


    YOU HAVE A BUDGET, HOW DO YOU MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR PLANNING INVESTMENT? Wedding planners and coordinators are one group of service providers who might offer you percentage pricing versus set fee and/or hourly rates. Here's the short description of each and the advantages you could see -- ALWAYS ASK WHAT SERVICES ARE INCLUDED with any vendor and read your contracts thoroughly. Percentage pricing is commonly offered for "full service" packages and are based on the overall cost of your wedding. If a percentage model is offered, ask the vendor what percentage they typically work from and calculate the cost of the services along with the listed services so that you can decide if this pricing works for you. Here's a little known hint: wedding planning fees typically run somewhere between 8-15% of your total wedding budget regardless of the model. Set-fee is also common, that is, you may see "Package fee XYZ is $2,500." Ask yourself if you know what is included in this package and if you will need add-ons. If a planner states, "Packages begin at..." then you know that the vendor has planned for a set group of services at a specific level and expects to add to that to meet your needs. Hourly rates and a la carte menu options are typically used to tailor packages, however, some vendors use this model as their primary price offering. Be sure you are getting everything you need when you opt for this model, it's easy to miss services if you haven't created a very detailed list in advance. AT PEARL EVENTS COLORADO we assist you with all the financial decisions necessary to bring your vision to reality within your budget. Contact us today at 303 949 7909

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    DID YOU KNOW that "wedding season" in Colorado is almost all year long? Fall is a beautiful time for weddings and we'd like to share some photos and some pro-tips-- It's your big day, use the natural beauty as a backdrop and theme, fall florals are plentiful and there's a wide array of wedding party options, as well. Have a back-up plan if any part of your wedding or reception is to be held outdoors. Have fun with attire, you will likely have a wide range of temperatures across the day--layering can be a great way to have several fashion options and stay comfortable around the clock. These three hints are just half-a-thimble full of what we offer as planners, contact us today to discuss your vision and hopes for your amazing wedding or event. 303 949 7909

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    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Pearl Events Your wedding day deserves to be as beautiful as your love story . YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY WITH PEARL EVENTS Couple embracing SERVING DENVER & COLORADO DESTINATIONS Email: Cell: 303 949 7909 Your Day, Your Way with Pearl Events SERVICES TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation Email: Cell: 303 949 7909 Our Attention to Detail Creates Unforgettable Memories

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    Book Consultation WEDDINGS Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation THE PEARL Our unique consultation and decision-making model provides guidance, support and clarity. Your success comes through confidence to make your day the wedding of your dreams. The Pearl package includes one-on-one conversations with you and your family about the vision and hopes you have for your big day. We offer research services to help you find venues, vendors and more. We provide on-site, day-of services perfect for a mini-mony or elopement. Click On Our Blog for Pro Tips and so much more! Testimonials follow this page. THE CLASSIC PACKAGE We provide guidance and resource considerations for vendor contracts and a deep dive into logistics. The usual 80-plus decisions for an event may easily morph into an additional 40 or more at this point, we are experts at moving through those decisions with you to reduce stress and provide the peace of mind that comes with decisional confidence. The Classic is the perfect package for weddings or events with 20 - 50 guests and one location. PEARL EVENTS YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY PACKAGE Success of your wedding depends on oversight of the multiple moving parts from the very beginning until the last glass is washed. We’ve found many couples, family members and friends planning an event need support in one or a few life areas. Our tailored response and support approach is just one of the many areas that make our services unique . ​ THE YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY PACKAGE IS OUR MOST POPULAR PLAN. PRIVATE PARTIES & EVENTS RELIGIOUS EVENTS Your event is deeply meaningful to you and your guests. With Pearl Events you may select from any of our packages and tailored response/support to gain confidence that your event will reflect your beliefs and provide life-long memories. BIRTHDAYS Make any birthday a celebration to remember! Whether you are planning an event for yourself, family member or other special being in your life, the three service levels offered by Pearl Events will surely assist you in making clear, meaningful decisions. SPECIAL OCCASIONS Time to Celebrate!! There's no other service provider that assists you in the manner Pearl Events can with your 80-plus decisions. Our unique tools help move you through the process with confidence. Replace your stress with peace of mind with Pearl Events. TESTIMONIALS ​ Sawyer and Melissa (July 2021) We learned about a month prior to our wedding that we needed a day of coordinator for our wedding. We scrambled to look for a planning agency online, and we were extremely lucky to have found Pearl Events. We reached out asking about pricing and availability for our date in July, and Keri and Leah got back to us very quickly. We met with them over zoom since we live in Wyoming, and we’re so impressed by their positivity, organization, and sincerity. We were also very impressed by the competitive pricing that Pear Events offered us compared to some of the other event coordinators we contacted. We decided to go with Pearl events, and this turned out to be possibly the best decision of our wedding planning. Keri and Leah made the entire set up process of our ceremony and reception so stress free and easy. They were always around to answer any questions and relieve any stress we had during the day. Our wedding was exactly as we hoped it would be, and it couldn’t have happened so perfectly without the incredible services of Pearl Events. We would recommend them to anyone. You cannot go wrong entrusting your special day to Keri and Leah! Joan B. 5.0 of 5 possible points Helped with selection of a venue - pleasant, responsible & timely I worked primarily with Keri who was a consummate professional and very pleasant to boot. My daughter and fiance are planning a very small wedding in the Denver area and were having trouble finding a venue. Kerri was more than happy to help, even though it was a small request by wedding planning standards. She listened to our needs, researched appropriate locations and provided us with the information in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend their services and would utilize them again in a heartbeat. Keri made us feel valued and important from the get-go which is not always the case when booking services such as this. Keep up the good work, ladies! Sent on 08/12/2021 October 2021 ​ "We couldn't be happier of how our entire wedding day played out. We had a fall wedding ~1 hour outside of Denver with 90 guests. The entire day went off without a hitch and as a type A personality letting go was always going to be hard, but I was fully confident that between Keri and Leah they had everything sorted out. When we finally walked down the aisle and saw the decor set up - it was more beautiful & beyond what I could have imagined! We were blown away. The reception and tables were set up to the tee. They didn’t stop running around for 12 hours - honestly, it was a long day for everyone and Keri and Leah went above and beyond. Both parents were very happy and gave incredibly high praises for Pearl Events. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you for giving us the wedding day of our dreams, that was exactly our day our way! - Adam & Julie" ​ ​ ​ ​ June 2022 We have a la carte services including florals and officiating your ceremony. AT PEARL EVENTS COLORADO WE LIVE OUR MOTTO, YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY THROUGH INTENTIONALITY, INCLUSIVITY AND, ACCESSIBILITY. Alice W. 5.0 of possible 5 points Experience Matters Our wedding was in July of 2013, Keri and Leah worked with us from the beginning on finding a venue and determining our theme. They both came to the Manor House to meet with the on-site coordinator and got the ball rolling on decor ideas, table set up and the outdoor ceremony space. Not only did they attend to logistical fine points, they also designed many of the floral arrangements and placed the large heart wreath over the entryway which welcomed us as we walked down the aisle. Their expertise and attention to details allowed us to just enjoy our day and not worry about all the things that could go wrong. We highly recommend Pearl Events for your wedding. Sent on 03/06/2020 Couples repeatedly compliment us on our attention to detail. We are grateful for the kind words. We strive to exceed your expectations in every area of our work. Just as this centerpiece is one of our favorite creations, we explore the elements of your wedding vision and work with you to create a meaningful experience. We want to understand the layers of your story and how each element will reflect your love. We provide guidance, support and the tools that make planning and ultimately your big day a truly amazing journey. ​ 303 949 7909 720 979 6863

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    "I've learned people will forget what you said, what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou CO-OWNERS KERI AND LEAH CREATED PEARL EVENTS AFTER MANY YEARS IN ALLIED HEALTH FIELDS WHERE THEY ASSISTED MYRIAD CLIENTS WITH EVENT PLANNING AND DELIVERY, DECISION-MAKING, LIFE SKILLS AND BEHAVIORAL CHANGE. PEARL EVENTS IS THE RESULT OF THEIR COMBINED EXPERIENCE, WISDOM AND DESIRE TO HELP PEOPLE EXPERIENCE THEIR DREAMS. Through our values of integrity, inclusivity and intentionality we pledge exceptional service delivery to you. SERVING THE GREATER DENVER AREA 303 949 7909 720 979 6863 Turning Your Vision into Reality We provide services no other planner offers -- we start where you are in your process and offer checklists, action items and resources through our unique plans: The Pearl; The Classic; and, The Your Day, Your Way. All weddings and events require tailoring, contact us today at ​ Find us on Google, Facebook, Instagram We have listings with WeddingWire, The Knot and Zola Keri and Leah Co-Owners/Planners/Coordinators DETAILED. FOCUSED. AND A HEALTHY DOSE OF GOOD HUMOR. WE LIVE BY THE SAYING, "WIT AND WISDOM GO HAND IN HAND." YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US WILL BE FULL OF ALL OF THE ABOVE. WE PROMISE.

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