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    PEARL EVENTS COLORADO provides full-service planning and day-of on-site coordination with a caring approach that includes you, your beloved and anyone else you've chosen to assist in making YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY. In many of our blog entries we've covered the "5 W's" and we'll offer a summary here. Let's do a deeper dive into the who/what/when/where, and of course, why-- Starting with Who: Wedding coordinators/planners provide information and guidance in the planning phase or your wedding. There are on average between 80-120 decisions to be made for any wedding, your planner will help you to the degree you request their help. At Pearl Events we work with you as you develop your vision and work your way through these sometimes stress inducing decisions. Planners have varying levels of experience and expertise. One of the best questions we've ever been asked is "What about your work in this business brings you joy?" The planning process goes on up to the day of your wedding and sometimes right into the middle of it when we need to respond to changing conditions -- think weather; changes in wedding party member's availability; site changes/conditions; decorations and set up; and lastly, coordination with other vendors. The Who matters, Pearl Events delivers on our promise to make your wedding YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY. Next, What: As described above, the what includes planning for all the elements of your wedding and related events such as the venue walk-through, rehearsal dinner and any other event you'd like assistance with before/after your wedding. Consultation is another term used for planning. Pearl Events offers 30 minutes of free, no obligation consultation so that we can meet each other through a Zoom call to answer your questions, ask a few of our own, and you can determine if you'd like an estimate from us. Of course, the second part of the what is the day-of on-site coordination. Often, couples think they only need day-of services. The reality is this: there cannot be effective coordination on the day of your wedding without preparation through consultation and planning. We offer individualized estimates so that the planning hours are commensurate with your day-of needs. When can be easily answered: As soon as you determine a wedding date! Actually, even if you have a ballpark date to work with, it's time to find a planner. Venues and vendors book up fast in Colorado, many are booked a year or more in advance--especially popular destination venues and vendors who specialize in those locales. Where is limited only by your venue and access to it. Our experience is that most venues require an independent day-of coordinator. Some coordinators specialize in types of venues. When you interview coordinators ask about their knowledge of venues and any issues there could be regarding size of wedding, mobility access, weather, distance between the venue and reception site if they are not on the same property, and oh so many other considerations. We think Why is abundantly clear by this point. Here's just one big reason: We are the team to reduce your stress from planning till the last glass is washed at the reception. We are your professional support people, we are here to assist in making your vision a reality. The How is the art and science of wedding planning and day-of coordination. At Pearl Events we love each step of the journey with our couples. Our experience in various settings has provided knowledge and skills that provide a calm, caring and creative environment for you when we meet virtually and in person. One of the best descriptions of our how can be found in the testimonials available here under the Weddings header and on The Knot and WeddingWire websites. We are happy to share our testimonials with you as well as answer any questions about our work product. Contact us today at or by phone/text at 303 949 7909 and we'll be happy to chat about creating YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY.


    The height of "engagement season" is kicking off and we are here to help you with next steps to make YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY a reality. If you are starting to contact vendors you may be hearing that many are booked up already for 2022 dates. Booking a year in advance is typical in the wedding services business. Planning your wedding may seem overwhelming when you begin, having a planner/coordinator on your wedding day team is one way to reduce the stress and feel confident about your big day. Pearl Events Colorado is a full service wedding planning/coordination service. Contact us to discuss your needs, your vision, your hopes and your questions today! Photos of our work are loaded on this site as well as testimonials and our 2022 pricing sheet. And you heard it here first, we are going to keep our 2021 pricing for 2022 events in place this year! We are exceptionally competitive in pricing and as you'll see below, we go the extra mile with our services. Contact us at "We couldn't be happier of how our entire wedding day played out. We had a fall wedding ~1 hour outside of Denver with 90 guests. The entire day went off without a hitch and as a type A personality letting go was always going to be hard, but I was fully confident that between Keri and Leah they had everything sorted out. When we finally walked down the aisle and saw the decor set up - it was more beautiful & beyond what I could have imagined! We were blown away. The reception and tables were set up to the tee. They didn’t stop running around for 12 hours - honestly, it was a long day for everyone and Keri and Leah went above and beyond. Both parents were very happy and gave incredibly high praises for Pearl Events. Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you for giving us the wedding day of our dreams, that was exactly our day our way! - Adam & Julie"


    HAVE YOU BEEN WONDERING WHAT EXACTLY CONSULTATION includes? This is a great opening question to ask a wedding planner, "when you say consultation, what does that mean and what kind of information is exchanged?" We, at Pearl Events Colorado will be straight forward with you, as any skilled planner/coordinator will be, in that we describe the content of the conversation and what we can offer based on what we learn from you about your vision and hopes. We will begin with asking about dates, number of guests, special traditions, catering, cakes, flowers, photography, budget, types of vendors and site desired, expectations for day-of coordination and any assistance with decorating and guest services, how far you've gotten in planning thus far and how we can help. Ongoing consultation takes place as we support you in decision-making, sometimes we help with research, and if you book us with always offer decision tools, timelines and preferred vendor lists. Depending on the amount of detail in the first conversation we may be able to give you a price, or at least a good idea of the cost of our services, HOWEVER, we prefer to provide you a detailed estimate so that you can add/subtract/refine any of the services and expectations. We emphasize clarity and transparency in our conversations because those two elements are part of our most basic tenets -- we want to be clear on your needs and how we can help create YOUR DAY, YOUR WAY! Similarly, ask the same type of questions of any vendor. If they are not willing to provide information on their services and some kind of ballpark pricing, move on. If they don't ask you about your vision, they are not likely to tailor to your needs. If they don't offer various methods of contact (email/phone/text/Zoom, etc.) then they don't seem to have a desire to connect with you. PEARL EVENTS wants to know all the details and assist you in making decisions across the difficulty and creativity continuum. We are here for you. Keri's cell: 303 949 7909 Feel free to text.

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    VISIT OUR BOOTH AT THE DENVER BRIDAL & WEDDING EXPO FEBRUARY 13TH, 2022 Contact us to turn your dream into a reality. Free, no-obligation consultation. Fair pricing. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly Enter Your Name Enter Your Phone Enter Your Email Type Your Message Here Submit Thanks for submitting! PEARL EVENTS SERVING THE GREATER DENVER AREA ​ CONTACT US AT

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    CLEAR. MEANINGFUL. YOU. CO-OWNERS KERI AND LEAH CREATED PEARL EVENTS AFTER MANY YEARS IN ALLIED HEALTH FIELDS WHERE THEY ASSISTED MYRIAD CLIENTS WITH EVENT PLANNING AND DELIVERY, DECISION-MAKING, LIFE SKILLS AND BEHAVIORAL CHANGE. PEARL EVENTS IS THE RESULT OF THEIR COMBINED EXPERIENCE, WISDOM AND DESIRE TO HELP PEOPLE EXPERIENCE THEIR DREAMS. Contact us and let's chat about making your dream event come true! SERVING THE GREATER DENVER AREA Turning Your Vision into Reality We provide services no other planner offers -- we start where you are in your process and offer checklists, action items and resources through our unique plans: Clarity, Action, and Tailored Response/Support. Contact us today at Keri and Leah Co-Owners & Service Providers DETAILED. FOCUSED. AND A HEALTHY DOSE OF GOOD HUMOR. WE LIVE BY THE SAYING, "WIT AND WISDOM GO HAND IN HAND." YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH US WILL BE FULL OF ALL OF THE ABOVE. WE PROMISE.

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